In service of people and planet.

Digital Marketing and Business Consultancy for organisations and brands within the environmental, wellness, sustainable and conscious sectors. 

I completed an MA in International Development and spent 6 years working in communications for human rights and environmental issues within the NGO and Social Enterprise sectors. After working for the UK's largest funding body for social entrepreneurs, I began my own venture - setting up the first conscious co-working space in London. 

I now work exclusively with brands and projects which I believe have integrity. I will facilitate the success of your brand or organisation through an approach which fosters effective growth but also maintains that precious integrity. 


I am proud of my track record helping people who are starting out with exciting new ventures and also empowering small businesses to thrive and grow .

I also love finding ways to create beautiful and healthy spaces for us to work and play in. I have gathered the tools and knowledge to transform work spaces into places you'll never want to leave. 

If you have a project raising the universal vibration then let's see how much good we can accomplish together.


Entrepreneurial Support

Setting up a business in the social enterprise, wellness, or sustainability sector? I can help.

  • Guidance and mentorship

  • Mission, values and purpose. How to tap into the essence of what you're trying to achieve and how to tangibly put it into action

  • Company structures. Models for the modern business, cooperatives and more.

  • Team. How to create a harmonious team and establish workplace wellness, balance, connection and boundaries

Digital Communications 

I work with organisations and brands to help them tell their story through social media.  

  • Development of short and long term communication strategies

  • Help projecting your message through digital communications, copywriting and website development.

  • I am an Instagram guru, growing a following for several brands to 11k +



Sustainable Workspace Design and Wellbeing

Healthy and sustainable working environments increase productivity, morale and overall happiness

  • From minor office modifications to large-scale redesign; create your ideal office, workspace or home to promote wellbeing for you and your employees. 

  • Programs, processes and protocol - how to rethink workplace routines and behaviours.

Mentoring, Tools and Network

Sessions providing help and advice for small businesses and start-ups:

  • Setting up social media and marketing channels for your business and training you to manage them. 

  • Tailored packages for a range of budgets and needs

  • Facilitating introductions and connections with individuals, organisations and companies working in positive industries. 

Read what others say... 

Jeya has an amazing ability to connect and engage deeply with all people from all walks for life, making them feel warm, welcome and appreciated. Jeya has a deeply insightful and intelligent perspective to add to situations and is not afraid to speak her truth.

--Seth Tabatznik, Founder and Director Berti Investments

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