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In service of people and planet.

Coaching for seekers wishing to positively disrupt their lives and create a more regenerative existence. 


Digital Marketing and Business Consultancy for conscious organisations and brands looking to make big changes to the current system. 

I completed an MA in International Development at SOAS with a view to become a diplomat. After swiftly realising the UN was not the place for a feminist with strong anti-authoritarian tendencies, I spent 6 years working for human rights and environmental orgs within the NGO and Social Enterprise sectors.


After working for the UK's largest funding body for social entrepreneurs, in 2016, I began my own venture - setting up the first conscious co-working space in London. Since this time I have lived across the globe, in jungles, cities, and on farms. Learning from; academics, business leaders, spiritual teachers, permaculture teachers and indigenous leaders about how to cultivate more meaningful lives and regenerative futures. 

I now work exclusively with brands and projects which I believe have integrity. I facilitate the success of these projects or organisations through an approach which fosters effective growth but also maintains that precious integrity. 

As a certified coach and facilitator, I am working both with individuals and organisations to practically and holistically build a future that supports regeneration of the planet and ourselves. 

If you have a project raising the universal vibration then let's see how much good we can accomplish together.


Read what others say... 

Jeya has an amazing ability to connect and engage deeply with all people from all walks for life, making them feel warm, welcome and appreciated. Jeya has a deeply insightful and intelligent perspective to add to situations and is not afraid to speak her truth.

--Seth Tabatznik, Founder and Director Berti Investments


Let's connect? Drop me a line and let's see where it takes us!

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