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1-1  Support

Endless floods of self-promotion are exhausting, especially in a media age where we are saturated with information and a sea of life coaches. 

I will try not to bombard you with that. 


  • If you're interested in reimagining organisations, systems, economies, education and work, 

  • If you're interested in making a transition out of a job, relationship or place and into a space that fosters greater connection to yourself and nature,

  • If you are looking for a soft and truthful space that explores outside of the box thinking, 

  • If you wish to decondition from mainstream ideas and ways of being, -- I would love to support you.

  • I am experimenting with a new way of working with individuals and working on a sliding scale.

  • I am a trained and certified coach and facilitator, I have been working across the globe for the past decade supporting, working and learning about sustainability, entrepreneurship, businesses with purpose, spiritual leadership and regenerative living.

I am not for everyone, but if you're feeling drawn to working with me, reach out and let's speak. 

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1-1 Mentoring and Coaching

A holistic and practical exploration of you,

what you want to create,

and how to make it possible.  

A deep dive into who you are, and how you feel your current life isn't fully supporting this. 

An exploration of what you really want, and an action plan of how to get there. 

This is best suited to people who are looking for new ways to look at the world, to decondition from mainstream understandings of what we define as work and education and to build a more regenerative life that best serves ourselves and the planet. 

Image by Raimond Klavins

A Four Week Journey 

I encourage anyone interested or feeling drawn to working with me to commit to a 4 week journey to begin a process of meaningful inquiry and change. 

These journeys will be bespoke tailored to your individual paths and may include: 

Week 1: Establishing who you are and how your life currently isn't supporting the wholeness of you. 


Week 2: Mapping out what you want to create in the world and what really matters to you.


Week 3: Mapping out what you want your life to look like and existing opportunities and limitations.


Week 4: Action plans - how are we going to action the next phase of this transition?


"Jeya holds a powerful space, she works with such a level of integrity - she pierces through your stories and helps you to see. My time with Jeya planted the seeds for what I am now growing and tending to. She has helped me to take action, to dream big, to see myself. Thank you."

--Rose Bonham Carter, EFT therapist and Sexological Body Worker

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