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  • Jeya Lorenz

Instagram is slowly dying - here's why.

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

First, let's outline what instagram is today. Instagram moved from being a personal image sharing and social networking platform to a sales paradise. Like facebook, it listens to you and targets you with scary on-point adverts that make you feel as if instagram is reading your mind directly. However, unlike facebook which has a dense myriad of different types of media and content - the content on Instagram is much more instantaneous, direct and accessible making it an even more effective sales platform.

We can look at instagram by splitting it up into 4 categories:

1. "Regular people" - consumers - users with 0-2000 followers or so.

2. "Influencers" - users with 10,000 + followers; there are thousands of these floating around the internet - where for anything between $100-$10000 you can strike a deal with one of them to promote your product/service.

3. Businesses and organisations - users trying to promote their product/service/place to the "regular users" or consumers rather.

4. Automated bots. 1000000's of them. Pointless wastes of spaces created to populate peoples pages and followers, drive engagement, increase popularity and alter algorithms.

There are several different formulas one can use by playing the instagram game and navigating these 4 groups to promote your own product/service/business/place, but as instagram gets more and more cluttered with fake users, fakes posts, influencers, paid advertising and rubbish content - it becomes more and more difficult to actually drive genuine engagement or create an effective sales funnel.

Thus, although it seems that instagram is not dying - and in fact it is growing larger and larger everyday (with influencer marketing is projected to be valued at an all time high by the end of 2019), for the average individual looking to promote their business through the platform - this medium is becoming further removed from the once direct and accessible customer engagement it was once able to generate. Small businesses and organisations looking to use instagram to promote themselves need to work double as hard to get noticed in the sea of promotion and millions of fake/real users.

For more tips, tools and help navigating instagram - get in touch and let's see how we can elevate you out of the instagram abyss.

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