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  • Jeya Lorenz

Sustainable design and wellbeing in the workspace is not just a gimmick;

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Sustainable design in the work space isn’t just in the materials you’re using and the positive purchasing power decisions you’re making. Sure, sustainable design in the work space can means using recycled materials, upcycling, sourcing handmade products and high quality products that will last you for aeons - but sustainable design should always also refer to functionality. Designing spaces that are both sustainable and environmentally-friendly must also be sustainable for human wellbeing - in that they are created to promote wellbeing and create sustainability in everyday life.

We spend almost half of our waking week in our work environments. The workspaces we have today are not designed within a modern understanding of what health and wellbeing really means. Wellbeing in the workplace has become gimmick of sorts, with lots of what I like to call “wellbeing washing” occurring across the board; where employers may feel they are “ticking a box”. Introducing an hour of weekly yoga into your office or taking time if you work for yourself to get a little more exercise done is wonderful and always going to help - but how much difference is it going to make to your everyday wellbeing within the four walls you spend your days hammering away at your laptop? Really?

Do you know about the harmful effects of extended exposure to poor lighting? Did you know that productivity is wildly impacted by the use of healthy lighting in the workspace? You surely know about the positive effects of movement on productivity? You know that increased blood flow has a direct impact on your ability to focus. Did you then know that blood flow and focus can be directly impacted by the seating choices we make whilst working? Why not design a space that is built with this in mind? Creating a healthy space to work in - either for yourself - or your workspace is imperative to your overall health, your cortisol levels, your focus and your productivity.

If you’re looking for consultation on sustainable workspace design and sustainable office protocol that is going to truly benefit your employees and your business - get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

Equally - can’t afford to have your workspace sustainably redesigned from scratch? I can create a bespoke tool box you can use to implement protocols in the workspace that easily and affordably transforms the wellbeing of your employees without spending a fortune on redesign and using just a few hacks and modifications you can make your workspace a place to transform overall productivity and in turn switch up your business long term - quick fixes are great, but sustainability is key!

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